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In this workshop you will learn a variety of print processes such as mono print, reductive print and lino printing. Workshops can be booked for a variety of groups and can be tailored to suit your needs. minimum 6 participants. Full day work shop or 3 2 hour sessions.


Book Binding

Participants will learn a variety of simple book binding techniques and will take home a collection of hand bound sketch books. All materials are provided, particpants can bring their own specialist papers to use in the workshop. Workshop will last 3 hours



Learn how to take photos of your products with a dslr point and shoot camera or phone camera for social median and online You will learn simple composition and lighting techniques that will give your products that extra pop. Learn to use colours to create mood and vibrancy



Participants will create a piece of felt material of their own design. They will learn how to use simple materials to create felt material. Participants will take home material that they can use in their own projects. All materials provided. This group is suitable for all ages.


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